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Alexandra Senfft, Breaking the family legacy of silence over the Third Reich
Nearly 70 years after being executed as a war criminal, the memory of Third Reich ambassador to Slovakia, Hanns Ludin, continues to weigh on his descendants. His granddaughter Alexandra Senfft has broken the family silence.
La Croix, François d’Alançon, 14/08/2017
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Interview with Alexandra Senfft
«The Guiding Principle Should Always Be Humanity.»

My Grandfather Was Executed as a WWII War Criminal.
I Know Why Germany Still Has a Nazi Problem
It was always 'other' Germans who perpetrated Nazi crimes, not our own families.
That's the lie that has enabled the far right to return to power in Germany
Haaretz March/2018
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Nazi-era thinking never went away in Germany
Far-right populists are building on ideas that survived thanks to postwar silence.
The Irish Times, February 14, 2018
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Alexandra Senfft’s core themes

  • The conflict between Palestinians and Israelis
  • Antisemitism and enmity against Muslims
  • The relationship between Germans – Israelis – Palestinians
  • Storytelling and dialogue in intractable conflicts based on the approach of Israeli psychologist Dan Bar-On
  • Intergenerational Consequences of the Holocaust, especially on the perpetrators’ side
  • Dialogue between the descendants of Holocaust survivors and the offspring of Nazi victimisers

People of the Year Awards
Alexandra Senfft accompanying Tomi Reichental to RTE (Ireland’s National Television)
«People of the Year Award», Dublin 6th December 2014, and commenting on his award
Tomi Reichental, one of only two holocaust survivors living in Ireland, has dedicated his time to speaking
about his experience in schools. He is presented with the International Person of the Year.

Alexandra Senfft with Holocaust survivor Tomi Reichental on Ireland's RTE news
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Der lange Schatten der Täter NEW – also available as Paperback
Der lange Schatten der Täter
Nachkommen stellen sich ihrer NS-Familiengeschichte
Alexandra Senfft
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Alexandra Senfft | Author and Journalist
Kriegskinder – Portraits of a forgotten generation
Frederike Helwig, Anne Waak
Preface by Alexandra Senfft: Courage for Dialogue.
The Kriegskinder’s Silence and the Burden of the Nazi Past
language German/English, 2017, 104 pages, 45 illus.
Hardcover with English booklet, 19.50 x 23.80 cm
ISBN 978-3-7757-4393-8
€ 35,00 [D]
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Alexandra Senfft | Author and Journalist Denkanstöße 2018
Markus Friedrich, Matthias Thöns, Alexandra Senfft, Michael Schmidt-Salomon etc.
Paperback, 224 pages, 1 September 2017
ISBN: 978-3-492-31231-8
language German
€ 9,00 [D], € 9,30 [A]
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«Living with the Dead: Sharing the Truth and the Pain of the Past»,
in: Clio’s Psyche: Understanding the “Why” of Culture, Current Events, History, and Society
Special Issue on Psychology and the Holocaust: Part II
Meeting Report, Volume 21, Number 2, New York, September 2014, Pages 210 ff
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Alexandra Senfft has an MA in Middle Eastern Studies, English and German literature. After her studies in Great Britain and Germany, she worked as parliamentary research fellow on the Middle East in the German parliament. In 1990 and 1991 she was an observer for the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East in the West Bank and then UNRWA public information officer in the Gaza Strip.

Alexandra researched regularly in Israel as an external reviewer for German socio-political projects, and as a writer and journalist. She published numerous essays and articles on Israeli and Palestinian issues. Alexandra was active for many years on the board of diAk – the German-Israeli Study Group for Peace in the Middle East.

Alexandra worked for some years as a TV reporter and editor. From 1991 she has published in various German and international newspapers, journals, magazines and online publications. Alexandra regularly lectures and speaks in Germany and abroad, and participates in podium discussions and moderates talks. She has been on the television and radio numerous times.

Alexandra Senfft
                         Alexandra Senfft with Holocaust survivor Tomi Reichental and
                         Miriam O’Callaghan in «Saturday Night with Miriam», RTE Ireland 23 August 2013

Her book «Silence Hurts: A German Family History» («Schweigen tut weh. Eine deutsche Familiengeschichte», published 2007 in German) won the German national Best Biography Award. In her book «Fremder Feind, so nah. Begegnungen mit Palästinensern und Israelis» («Strange enemy, so near. Encounters with Palestinians and Israelis») published in 2009, Alexandra portrays Israelis and Palestinians in dialogues, introducing as a third perspective the German one.
>> prologue «Pain of Silence»
>> synopsis «Strange enemy, so near»

Alexandra Senfft Holger Noltze

Alexandra is a member of PAKH – the Study Group on Intergenerational Consequences of the Holocaust and of the Ost-West-Forum (East-West-Forum). Alexandra is also a patron for Baoab Center for Young Suvivors (London).
She supports the German-Greek association Elliniko - help from Hamburg for Europe
and is a member of Pro Asyl for the protection of refugees' rights.

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