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Alexandra Senfft
Alexandra Senfft, born 1961 in Hamburg, went to school in Hamburg and England where she took her A- and S-Levels. She went to Universities in St. Andrews, Amman (Jordan), Cairo (Egypt) and Hamburg. In 1987 Alexandra finished with an MA in Middle Eastern Studies, English and German literature in Hamburg.

She then started working as a research assistant in the German parliament, running the Middle East desk for the Green Party. During the First Intifada, the Palestinian uprising against the Israeli occupation, Alexandra worked as an observer for UNRWA in the West Bank and then as UNRWA Public Information officer in the Gaza Strip. Late in 1991 she returned to Germany where she started working as a TV reporter and editor. Alexandra frequently stayed for research in Israel and got to know many Israelis, especially in the peace movement and in journalism. She also has close ties to Palestinians actively seeking peace.

From 1991 Alexandra has written for German publications like Süddeutsche Zeitung, DIE ZEIT, Die Tageszeitung, Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, Journal21, Einsicht (Fritz-Bauer-Institute) or Blaetter fuer deutsche und internationale Politik, amongst others. Also, she has published various pieces in English. From 2006 to 2008 Alexandra worked closely with the Israeli psychologist Dan Bar-On and assisted him in the dialogue training course "Storytelling in Conflict". Since then she has also specialized in dialogues between conflicting parties, especially between Palestinians and Israelis as well as between the descendants of Holocaust survivors and of perpetrators.
Schweigen tut weh

Her book «Schweigen tut weh» (2007) was widely reviewed across the German media and remains a focus of public discussion up to this day. Her book about Palestinian-Israeli dialogues also continues to contribute to the discourse about the conflict in the Middle East.

Alexandra has two adult children and lives with her partner, with dogs, a cat and horses near Munich and on a Greek island.

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